16.9.15 #positions

Oh what a night. Emphasis was placed on correct positioning for the skill section and speed in the workout. 

Firstly we saw lots of time ensuring our #celticwarriors hit correct positioning with some hang cleans. I must say everyone who walked through the door had an awesome attitude and used the pointers given by the coach to maximise their lifts. In class 1 the main pointer of knees back to load the hamstrings gave Bridie an extra bit of power and allowed young Alex to demonstrate ninja like movement. Class 2 saw some serious tin being thrown around with Abbi, Anna and Kate all hitting PRs with Anna hitting 10kg above her 1rm of 5 reps. Awesome work!  Also just want to highlight the progress mate by Kate Doffy who hit a 50kg 5RM Hang clean amazing for a 16 year old and she is defiantly following in the footsteps of her dad. Class 3 saw Jackie making huge strides with her footwork as well as Tyler coordinating each position to ensure he is maximising his potential. 


A) 5×3 Hang clean

B) 5rounds 1:1

15 press ups

10 reverse lunges

30 DUs (can up scale to 50)


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