14.9.15 #tasteoftheheights

Tonight was an opportunity to sample 2 of the workouts that were in scale the heights this weekend, and 2 tasty workouts they were. 

First our #celticwarriors took on a combination of high rep air squats followed by a max effort STOH and then a triplet of burpee box jumps, russian swings and snatch. Both workouts were tougher than they looked, and I can gaurentee Doffy was relaxing with a grin on his face knowing how tough they were. 


This is how Doffy recovers and having completed only 2 of the 4 workouts that he smashed yesterday, I can say it is a well deserved treat.

Big up to all hitting the competition wods following on from doffys achievements yesterday. Some big performances from our #celticwarriors who put everything into trying to chase down Doffy’s scores. Matt Hill hitting 60 STOH in WOD 1 along with Maria hitting 33 STOH also Bridie and Tracy getting through 80 reps in WOD 2. AWESOME WORK!!

Big welcome to Helen and Rachel another mother and daughter team getting into wods at the box.

Just a quick reminder to all to make out newest Celtic warriors welcome through their first WODs in full classes. It is a daunting experience and is definitely eased by every person ensuring they introduce themselves and make them feel welcome and a part of the Celtic crossfit family.  



A) 6min CAP

150 air squat

AMRAP in remaining time



30 burpee box jump

20 russian swings

10 snatch


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