11.9.15 #neverforget

Great work all around, with tough skills workout to start, I was impressed with everyone pushing themselves to get the burpees done as fast as possible and then ensuring good positions were held throughout even under fatigue. Big shout out to Tracy and Jo who pushed each other to complete all 10 on each round. Also to Matthew who has been working tirelessly on his movement and technique on his compound lifts and now is confident and competent to start adding a little bit of weight, his attitude and emphasis on movement first weight second has been amazing and it’s such a pleasure to coach open minded individual as him. Also DJ Anna for spinning some sick beats as well as epic lifting gains in her lifts. Anna is now 10kg up on previous 1RM for 5s comfortably. Richard and Alex working hard to refine technique and Noel, Mark and Owain, a warm welcome into full classes straight off On Ramp and on the road to being better already.


A) OMEMx10

Even min: 5 P. Clean

Odd min: 10 burpee
B) 15-12-9-6-3

Deadlift 90/70



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