Tonight was an opportunity for our celtic warriors to take their heart rate to near maximum, with a checky interval workout. All celtic warriors took the advice from the coach and prioritised intensity over the weight of the barbell and ensuring each interval was hit with maximum effort.

the strength section saw a press, pull, core combination that raised the heart rate a enough to prepare them for the conditioning piece.

class 1 set the bar, with Kev and Ryan who efficiently and quickley throughout.

A mention has to go to coach Ross and Matty in class 2, who kept every round under 1min, also Anna who moved the barbell with good technique and then hit the runs with everything and after completing an extremly tough workout took the time to clear her own bar and some of the boys bars that had been left out (poor effort lads, you know who you are, I suggest you return the favour at the next opportunity). This demonstrated the teamwork ethos that is encouraged at celtic crossfit.

class three maintain the high standard as always, with Stu ad Katie flying through the workout and Lorna and Claudia giving 100% throughout.



min 1: 10-12 Bench Press

min 2: 10-12 Bent over BB row

min 3: 10-12 T2B

B) 4rnds – 1:1 with a partner

5 Front squat

200m Run

4Rnds 1:1 with a partner


100m Run


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