7.9.15 #strictburpees

Tonight saw a continuation of the excellent work our #celticwarriors have been putting in with their snatch technique. As a coach its really rewarding to see so many of our members making such inroads into the most complex barbell movement in crossfit.

Master Doffy who will openly admit to struggling with his overhead position but through relentless effort he is showing excellent patience by prioritising positioning over the weight.

We also saw a new version of an old foe with the inclusion of the strict burpee which highlighted that even the simplest of movements need to be hit with the correct positions to ensure efficiency and good standards.

Top effort tonight to Matty for top time andKatie Doff lifting better and banging out pull-ups and double Unders still showing tremendous progress.

Rhys Guard and Rich Coates refining their tekkers on kipping pull-ups and making them and muscle ups easier in future as a result. Also a big milestone for rhys guard who completed his first ever WOD RX with DUs and finished comfortably within time cap. Lastly big mention to Stu for training tonight after his 1st ever 10k which he found easy and is thinking of a marathon now!

Message from the Celtic crossfit social secretary. 

Social is on the 26th

Befriend Kelly Maidment and Simon Geeves on Facebook to be added to the group and keep updated with all the details.


Simon Geeves

Celtic crossfit social secretary member #2


A) OMEMx10

2 Power Snatch

B) 21-15-9


Pull up



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