4.9.15 #walkinglikejohnwayne

A relatively chilled out night tonight that saw our #celticwarriors hitting some accessory work, followed by a spicy metcon. 

Just a quick reminder of the importance of accessory work, especially when looking to develop strength in the compound movements and promoting strong mechanics when working through all the different movements in crossfit. 

“By definition, accessory work is what helps support and increase the main lift or task at hand. For instance, let’s say you run track. You don’t just run your event over and over again. It is broken down into parts: you work the starts or blocks and you work your turns; you work on the acceleration phase and angles and the finish. The whole time you are focusing on proper run bio-mechanics”.

Rick Scapulla, tabatatimes.com 

Once the accessory work wax completeted we saw a spicy triplet that overloaded the shoulders during the workout and if you are feeling like I am now worked the hamstrings pretty intensely. MAKE SURE TO RECOVER WELL OVER TGE WEEKEND, if you aren’t training go for a long walk and gets some mobility done, do not sit about doing nothing otherwise will be walking like John Wayne all weekend 😀

Some suggestions

2mins on each leg for each drill. 



6 chin ups

20 banded GM

30sec dip hold

40 DUs

B) 15min AMRAP (3rep ladder)

Wall ball

Hollow rock

OH lunges


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