2.9.15 #notabarinsight

There was not a barbell in sight this evening, and I think the majority of #celticwarriors we’re glad to have an opportunity to focus on skills. 

First on the menu was a choice of vertical pull with either pull ups, chest to bar or bar muscle up being practiced and refined. Big shout out to Ashleigh in dawn patrol who worked on her chest to bar and developing it into a jumping bar muscle up. Also James getting his first bar muscle up Awesome work guys!

Then double unders where served within the conditioning piece, with members being encouraged to focus more on developing the DUs. This resulting lots of ‘Annie’ PRs.  With Katie Doff setting an awesome time and then mother Lorna absolutely smashing it by stringing an unbroken set of 25. This highlights practice make perfect and I’m sure the has been many occasions that team doggy have all been in the garden practicing their DUs. Following the trend was Tracy, Fren, Liam, Hannah, Claudia, Sam, James also hitting PRs with Sam going sub 6mins.  



A) Bar Muscle up practice 

B) ‘Annie’ – 50-40-30-20-10


Ab mat sit-ups 

C) In 2s – 50-40-30-20-10


*partition reps between the 2 of you


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