22.8.15 #SaturdaySweatFest

 Saturday Sweatfest returned today, after last weekends Road trip and Beach WOD and it proved to be a gruelling end to a very tough week at the box.

We kicked off with our 9am Bootcamp. Where our athletes hit 3 short duration, High intensity Interval workouts, that incorporate simple, mainly body weight movements in order to burn fat and tone upper, lower body and core. 

These sessions require the athlete to posh themselves as hard as possible for the duration of the workout in order to achieve the best results and our Celtic a Warriors did not disappoint. Great work by everyone, especially our members, fresh out of on ramp, Alex, Jackie and Jess who really embraced the attitude we have come to expect in these sessions.

Then we hit our 10am Team WOD, today it was Pairs…

And what a workout, We mixed the much loved chipper style, steady paced, longer WOD with set periods of higher intensity work added in to push our athletes and drive adaptation across different energy systems.

Great work by all our pairs, especially Karl, another of our Latest members from August On Ramp, who showed his excellent base of endurance to keep pushing right to the very end of an extremely tough test! 

Awesome work everyone. Enjoy your weekend!


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