Awesome effort from every one of our athletes this evening! First, we spent a lot of time refining our split jerk technique. With a focus on maximising power output by driving through the hips, ensuring the weight stays over midline and feet positioning in the catch. There were substantial improvements made by all athletes! In particular though, Katie Doff, Stewart and Bryn deserve a mention for efficiently generating force with full hip extension before getting under the bar and Richard Coates, Fern and Aimee worked incredibly hard on their split length and feet positioning which really helped them stabilise their landing position, when getting under the bar at speed.    
Next we did a little more work on our engines, with some 800m intervals. I know many of you were dreading this! Especially those with a real phobia of running! I won’t mention any names but I’m soooo proud of you all! for not just comfortably managing to finish all three runs, but actually hitting them hard, giving your all and finishing in amazing time! Matthew and Richard Coates also need a mention here for some unbelievable fast and consistent times! These guys saw hardly any drop off over the 3 runs! Which is amazing when you realise how fast they ran!! 

Finally there was a little time to get some extra conditioning in, with a short WOD. Kris Welsh and Tracy Davies took fastest times for the gentlemen and ladies respectively in this section of the class. Two competitors that have unrelenting levels of muscular endurance! Great evening everyone!!! 

 We also welcomed Alex, fresh out of on ramp last night to his first class today! And what a class to hit!! He did not look out of place and worked extremely hard! I hope we give the rest of our August on Rampers the same welcome when they hit classes next week! Great work Alex!! 
A) Split Jerk Practice 

B) 8mins OTMEM 

X4 Split Jerk (2 E/L) 

C) 3x 800m run (2mins rest) 

D) 50,40,30,20,10 

    KB Swings & Sit Ups

Celtic Teens  

Our Celtic Teens absolutely killed it today!! Building strength with some bench press, some gymnastic skills work with wall walks and then a spicy little metcon to finish! These guys are really coming in leaps and bounds! It’s amazing to see!! 


Beach Workout/ Saturday Class

Please remember tomorrow’s class will be held at Coney Beach Porthcawl. Either meet at the box at 9am and travel down in convoy or meet at the beach at 9:30am in the car park opposite the amusements. 

*Announcement 2* 

We will also be holding some trial/ taster sessions for potential future class times. Monday we will be running a 9:30am class for existing members or anyone interested in joining Crossfit, if you plan on attending please message us… Thank you 


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