Couplet From Hell …. 

Wow… What a night at the box!! It started in our bonus open gym session, where Gavin Howells hit a new 1rm Push jerk of 120kg. 
Followed by some fun in our strength session of Barbell Step ups. Especially from Owen Davies, lifting more than most of our bigger lifters and moving very well in the process! And Maria and Aimee moving well with more weight than most of our men had on the barbell. 

Then came a very nasty test of anaerobic capacity and recovery levels in the form of a lung sapping, repeated couplet of Barbell Clusters and burpees! It was amazing to see so many of you cycling the barbell with such efficiency. Emma Bradley, Tracy and Kathleen in particular making huge progress in their clean. Maria and Vicky really grasped the stimulus of this workout and hit it hard from the outset, the competitive nature of these ladies is really helping them progress in class! There are a few more athletes that deserve a shout out… First of all little Rob for not letting injury deter him from training Scaling and substituting movements to ensure that the same stimulus could be achieved. 

Secondly Tyla for the fastest burpees of the evening and thirdly Steph for not giving up even though this workout took her to a very bad place! I hope she feels stronger and better for her amazing perseverance and resilience, you should feel very proud Steph! 



A) 5×10 Barbell Step Ups 

B) 5 min AMRAP – 6x Clusters, 6x Burpees (90 sec rest) x3 rounds 

Then after class we had Our Awesome August On Rampers smashing tonight’s workout! Already getting to grips with the attitude and community spirit that it takes to become a Celtic Warrior! A true pleasure meeting and coaching you guys this evening, some huge potential in this group! Well done! Can’t wait to see you in main classes! #augustonramp #celticcrossfit

And finally during a fab evening I leave you with a little advice from Vicky Smith…. 

“Don’t be so scared just get it up”



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