10.7.15 #OMEM

Tonight started off with some very impressive performances from our teens class. Tom pushing himself to chase down an experienced crossfitter in Jo Doff, with Louie making excellent progress with his movement and Jack and Rhys demonstrating grit and determination throughout their conditioning piece. It’s the first time I’ve coached the teens and I was extremely impressed. Da Iawn lads!!

In our crossfit classes Tonight we saw a night of OMEM workouts focusing on practice and efficiency. 

In class 1we welcomed back Rob Hoff who worked as if he hadn’t missed a beat and Emma Bradley pushing herself hard in the WOD. 

Class 2 saw Kelly M demonstrating outstanding movement with her pistols and Erika pushing herself on the runs. 

Class 3 we had Rhys Gaurd (our body weight Nina) showing strength in his pistols and efficiency in his T2B. Also Sean Gibbs who had on the most outrageous shorts on πŸ˜‰ scalling appropriately and completing every rep unbroken. 



12 pistols

30sec L-hang

5 broad jump (taking off and landing in athletic position)


200m Run

10-15 T2B (stay consistent with reps)

30 DUs

8 Strict Pull up

*notice – gets your names on the board for the following

1) September social

2) mobility seminar

3) beach WOD 

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