7.8.15 #makeyourmark

Top effort

all round.


Top effort this evening from all. The first chance to test pressing strength (5RM push press) in a while and the results didn’t disappoint. 
Tracy hitting – 42.5kg. 

Maria hitting – 47.5kg

Aimee hitting – 48.5kg

There is some strong ladies emerging which is very impressive considering there hasn’t been a specific strength focus in recent months. I WILL STATE AGAIN, GPP programming DEFINATLY WORKS!!

Big effort from the boys on the wod. Will pushing to the limit, sweating out the last little bit of Bulgarian Vodka 😉. 


A massive good luck to all our Celtic warriors Pete, Dave, Hannah and vikki who are competing in inferno tomorrow. Enjoy have fun and don’t forget to #makeyourmark. 


A) 5 rep max push press

B) 4 rounds 1:1

10 body weight deadlift

5 box jumps

C) 3 rounds 

350m row

Max press up


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