6.8.15 #fitness4all

Tonight was busy busy busy. Starting off With a great effort from Newport schools rugby boys. All are starting to develop strength to go with their improved movement and increasing work capacities.

Great effort accross all classes. Lee Bradley continuing to improve his movement and carrying it across in the WOD. Matthew McIlroy making huge improvements in physical capacity demonstrated with consistent grit and determination throughout the WOD. Tracy engine ever improving to go with her fixed shoulder! Will, Ross and Matt sweating pure Bulgarian vodka. Drewy smashing class 2 but losing count and therefore scores 0 ;). Parky and bull counting for everyone. Class 3 Rhys Guard and Sam leading the way with non stop work and going pretty much unbroken for 15 minutes.

Big good luck shout out to Vicky Barry, Hannah K and Dave for Inferno this coming weekend, all the hard work from the past few months will be there for all to see and inspire to.
Another superb session from our jam-packed August On-RAMPERS all making good progress in overhead lift and great #celticwarrior spirit and determination shown. HALF WAY THERE! 


A) Barbell Lunges

B) 15 min AMRAP

9 pull up

12 DB Snatch

15 Sit up

100m Sprint


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