5.8.15 #warriorwednesday

After games week last week, we welcomed back #warriorwednesday and it was definitely back with a bang. We saw some skill work to start with DUs and HSPU progressions and then and triplet of cleans, HSPU and DUs. Another evening of hard work accompanied by some excellent teamwork. 

Class 1 set the tone with Sarah starting to string together DU’s and she made huge improvements on her Clean technique, Sharon continues to go from strength to strength with her form, squat depth and clean are now looking pretty awesome!! 

Class 2 continued that high standard with Nicola Rees making huge progress getting her first headstand and also working hard to nail her clean tekkers. Bully smashed not only our wall during his HSPU but also the 80kg cleans! Working through them effortlessly!  

And Class 3 followed suit with Stu getting his first HSPU and Steph getting a strict HSPU after progressing to using 1 ab mat, Claudia and Mike are also now consistently nailing their headstand and progressing to HSPU progressions  

The BIG LADS Drew and dave best score of the night! With body weight ninja Liam hitting the biggest deficit HSPU!




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