30.7.15 #DoubleHanger

Games week day # @CelticCrossFit and with some tired bodies following #days 1-3 so far especially after ‘Murph’ yesterday. But still some amazing performances from all at the box so far in DT, 1RM Thruster, SQT and every bodies favourite Hero WOD yesterday. With some awesome performances and lots of PRs and lots of our ladies getting 100 unassisted pull-ups done in a workout following their awesome hard work and recent progress getting over the bar. Well done the #celticwarriorettes 


Another Great afternoons Strength and conditioning work with the Newport schools U15 Squad in preparation for their upcoming season . 

Some very promising progress shown already with great movement patterns being developed and many showing great potential for the future. 

Great work so far Boys. Make the most of your time off over the summer and get some more quality work done. With some already part of the programme.

Celtic Teens- STRENGTH and CONDITIONING programme is up and running

Classes 3-4pm mon/weds/fri over the summer holidays. 

Be FITTER FASTER STRONGER for the season ahead and a step ahead of your opposition.


Celtic CrossFit Games Week Event 5

Brought us a challenge from the Masters/Teen division


Drewy getting best men’s time today RX with and Bridie Geeves again top of the ladies RX.

Well done to the awesome class 3 who all finished within the time cap. 

Aimee and Hannah in class 3 with technique really improving on the Clean and Jerk positions

What will day 5 of games week @CelticCrossFit have in store for our Celtic Warriors heading into the weekend?!…

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