29.7.15 #Muprh

Games week Day #3

Crossfit games Individual Day 3


With Respect to a fallen ‘Hero’ who’s story was told in the recent film ‘Lone Survivor’  Micheal P Murphy.

With this we saw a true test of work capacity over a longer domain with HERO WOD ‘Murph’. Which allows us to test not only physical but mental capacity too as the numbers on the board are initially intimidating but manageable to all of our Celtic Warriors as classes demonstrated

The Dawn Patrol GANG getting the hard work underway with good showings by all before breakfast

 Outstanding efforts by Abbi, Vicky Smith, Fern, Bridie, Kelly aherne, all doing 100 unassisted pull ups! 

Bridie again with the quickest of the Ladies RX and Kristian quickest Mens time RX 

Mentions to Steph running 2 miles after not being comfortable running 200m very recently. 

Great work by Sean for excellent movement throughout and persevering with unassisted pull ups 

A big Celtic CrossFit  Welcome to Sophie to her first WOD with us and what a treat to get going.

Congratulations to all that finished and an amazing display of progress accross the box. With superb work by all our #celticwarriors demonstrating that unique Celtic CrossFit spirit. 

Amazing what a bit of quality progressive and continuous guidance, along with true, determined hard work can do for a group of commited individuals and shown brilliantly today.



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