28.7.15 Games Week Day 2


Day 2 of games Week saw different challenges for our #celticwarriors

With a test of lower and upper body pushing strength with the Thruster and a short sharp couplet testing barbell movement skills and work capacity from day 1 of the Masters/Teenage competitions. 

Both groups of competitors totally pushing boundaries and perceptions about the restrictions age may have on what your body can do. A whole other kind of Awesomeness

Followed by a whole load of AWESOMENESS by you the #CelticWarriors today at the box


 A) 1RM Thruster


3 Rounds

10 Snatch

Run 200m

A Celtic CrossFit HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the youngster Kevin Gibson= 42 burpees each class hope you had a great day Kev.

Too many PRs to fit in a single Picture- Coach Ross starting the day with a 100kg PR followed by many many others, with a husband and wife PR for Mr and Mrs Geeves with 90/60 respectively.

Nat Tanner and Jo hitting Thrusters at weight that they couldn’t C&J only on the weekend.

Bridie with the fastest girls time followed by hannah then Jo then Vicky. But big shout to claudia almost finishing RX within the cap 

Drewy as fastest boy 



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