After our amazing Deadlift Seminar yesterday, today was another action packed day at Celtic Crossfit. We kicked off with another busy dawn patrol (the light mornings are obviously suiting our athletes!). Followed by two groups of Newport Schools Under 15’s linking in with our new Celtic teens schedule as part of a six week strength and conditioning programme to prepare them for the upcoming season. 

 Then came our evening classes and with it huge improvements in snatch mechanics. Hannah and Liam leading the way with some improved movement from Tracy, Kelly Maidment ang great to see Kelly Aherne lifting well again following her Knee injury.


A) Snatch

B) 15 OTM

1- 5 Wallball + 10 HOG Press up

2- 12 DB/Kb Snatch

3- 10 V up
 We also said farewell (Again) to one of our longer serving members Jevon, who is leaving for work reasons again! We hope his job brings him back this way again soon. He will be sorely missed especially by the 7pm crew. Good luck and see you soon Jevs!

– Despite Saturdays Throwdown at Oblivion Crossfit, 9am Bootcamp and 10am class will run as normal. 

– Those that are involved in the Throwdown, we can meet at the box at 9am and travel up in convoy, or meet us at Oblivion at 9:30am 

– We are also considering the opportunity to watch some of the Crossfit games and have a mini social at the box this weekend, if your interested please let us know below! ASAP so that we can start to make arrangements if necessary


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