21.7.15 #ICON4

Today saw #WOD4 in the ICON same sex partner Throwdown with some lifting and getting over the bar on the cards, along with plenty of repetitions all around in the partner relay.

Top performances for Doffy and Drew, for the Ladies Abbi and Hannah K, who’s skills just keep on getting better day by day week by week. Don’t let your improvements be a suprise Ladies, we a are not they are earned. By hard work and diligence on your form and efficiency of movement. Keep getting better.

It will be great to see where our partnerships end up as lots of #celticwarriors enjoying the fun of CrossFit competition. With plenty more to come 



sees the Speciality Deadlift Seminar with expert coach Kevin Don 6-8pm tomorrow £20 for the seminar and seminar T-Shirt with fantastic numbers signed up to  what promises to be a fun night at the box for all of our Celtic Warriors


Sees a slight alteration to class times in the evening with CrossFit classes starting at 5.30-6.30-7.30pm as another exciting development begins.


This week sees the 2015 games about to begin…Who fancies watching at the Box in a big screen with a few beers and possibly a BBQ Saturday or Sunday night to see the action??

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