A) 10RM Push Press

B) 2 rounds

In 90s windows:90s rest

Row 200m / Max Box Jump

Row 200m / Max Push Press

Row 200m / T2B

A lot of work on the cards today with the bonus of a REPEAT following 3 tough max effort intervals of high intensity pairings.

Mentions to 

Sean Gibbs hitting every set hard, Anna who loved a race, going after the Master Doffy on the boats🚣

All girls in class 3 pushing each other as always, and with smiles on their faces (maybe afterwards!) as always 


 To the newlyweds Mr and Mrs Davies following their awesome looking Wedding at sea.

Great to see you back both, straight back into the box to WOD as Husband and Wife. 

With the famous saying

 ‘The couple that WODS together stays together…and gets really sweaty, sometimes feels a little sick after a tough WOD and maybe needs a little lie down to recover before driving home together’

So congratulations to coach Pete and his Beautifull Wife Becky Davies. May you have many happy WODs together long into the future


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