After the confirmation of Celtic Crossfit 2.0,the buzz this evening was electric. A tough, sweaty session to start the week off. First we saw a clean complex focusing on position, then we saw a nasty combination of burpees, lunges and Ctb pull ups.

Big mentions for Lee in class 3 who moved the barbell in the clean complex with precision and ended up hitting an easy 90kg at the end of a 12min OMEM. Also Amie who considering has only been weightlifting for a short period hit a 55kg complex. Nat in class 1 who also hasn’t been weight lifting very long demonstrated excellent movement throughout and has started to increase the weight and challenge herself. 

The biggest mention must go to Jo Williams who’s positions allowed her to move through the complex with ninja like technique and also stringing CHEST TO BAR PULL UPS together with ease within the WOD (pic was too blurry. SORRY). Very impressive indeed, awsome work Jo. Next stop Bar Muscle Up!!!!!. 

A) OMEMx12 – clean complex

Hang Power Clean

Front Squat


*build throughout the 12mins


8 Burpee

12 (each leg) Lunges

8 CTB Pull Up


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