9.7.15 #strictintensity

Tonight was an evening of intensity with a moderate 12min AMRAP that was like watching a sprint. Starting off with some pressing and pulling strength development and swiftly moving into a triplet of strict pull ups, KBswings and a sprint. 

Mentions for tonight, Anna as fastest sprinter consistently across the WOD followed closely by Joe Doff. Aimee Who after not being a fan of running really pushing the pace each run. 

Mathew McIlroy, lee and kev putting in a very solid shift class 1. Which also included an almost synchronised WOD by Jo and Fern going head to head for 12 minutes. Big shout out to Mathew who has been putting a lot of work in his own time (Sundays), practicing barbell and gymnastic movement and consistancy and it looks like he is reaping the rewards and starting to apply intensity in his WODS.

Finally a massive congratulations to our July on-ramp, you are now fully fledged #celticwarriors and are free to join any of the classes and get yourself involved in the amazing community of Celtic Crossfit.


A) Bench Press

B) Bent over Row

C) 12min AMRAP

8 Strict Chin up

12KB Swing 

100m Sprint


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