Warrior Wednesday 

   A great night, at the box! We had some skills practices followed by the very tough, #2 Icon Nutrition online qualifying workout, that tested our athletes physical and mental toughness and highlighted the importance of tactics and strategy in competitive workouts. 
It was amazing to see so many people progressing to the next level during the WOD, Ben Black in particular, surprising himself by pushing himself to use 32kg and 30 inch box to RX comfortably! 
Also big shout outs to some of our ladies, that continue to make amazing progress with their skills! Nat Arlett, Tracy and Lorna Doff, are starting to really master their freestanding head and hand stand movements. Hannah Keating has made huge strides, linking her kipping pull ups together more efficiently! And Bridie Griffiths, working incredibly hard on building a base of strength in order to master her pull ups! 


In Pairs 

50, 40, 30, 40, 50 

Box jumps & Russian KB Swings

In the WOD we saw Sam and Liam with 11:12 the fastest time of the night and Abi and Hannah bring roared on by a crowd of class 3 that stayed to support! This evidently paid off with the girls achieving an awesome 14.41! 

Ps. It’s nice to see that some of you pay attention to our posts! Thank you to Sarah, that didn’t look silly at all modelling her shin pads for the box jumps this evening! You are a star! 

Bring on a WOD 3!!! 


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