7.7.15 #tabata

Tonight was a evening of classic crossfit. A mixture of olympic weightlifting, skills, core gymnastics and an old school conditioning modal. A skill that frustrates most, kicked us off with a short interval AMRAP of DUs. Followed by some technique olympic weightlifting with a clean complex and finished up with a tabata metcon. 

Movement and technique for the clean complex was excellent and it looks like the emphasis of quality movement patterns and technique are clear for all to see. With Owen, Abbi and Vikki B moving the barbell correctly and with ease some monster lifts are around the corner.

Determination throughout the metcon was evident with everyone setting a fast pace and maintaining that pace throughout. Too many names to mention but some stand out performances from Kev in class 1, Bryn and Sean in class 2 and Steph in class 3. Well done all now let get ready to tackle ICON Nutrition WOD #2 tomorrow. 

P.S make sure you bring your shin pads for the box jumps πŸ˜‰ SAFETY FIRST!!!!


A) 2min AMRAP 1:1


1min AMRAP 1:1


B) OMEMx10

Clean Complex

2 Hang Power Clean

1 Full Clean



DB Snatch 

Sit Ups


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