6.7.15 #shortsharpandsweaty

 Short sharp and sweaty at the box tonight. Great effort all around 

A Celtic CrossFit welcome to our Visitors in for short stays- Gbemi from our friends over at CrossFit Velocity Seansea visiting for the week and Bridie home for the month having trained at CF Newquay. 
Awesome effort and push for the short couplet. 

Skills improving constantly for Rich Coates on the K2LB. Erika smashing through whilst developing her kip on the bar. Chris Nicholas squatting more comfortably. Top times by Sam 4.16 Bemi 4.46 and Ross and Liam also in the 4s, with Rhys Guard also in the mix.


A) 10RM Front Squat

 5 x 10 Strict Pull-up

B) 10>1




Partner Throwdown at Oblivion CrossFit 

Sat 25th of July- Sign up at the box for a fun inclusive Throwdown 



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