3.7.15 #crossfitworks

Firstly happy weekend all. Tonight produced a WOD that highlighted the essence of crossfit. With part A focusing on a max effort strict gymnastic movement and then part B utilising pulling, pressing, jumping and running movements, all of which will develop you as a well rounded athlete. This morning saw #celticwarriors Ben Black and Ryan Wilton working on consistency of their mechanics and then applying the intensity to get their sweat on, this evening saw the return of Tom Lloyd who along with all other #celticwarriors pushed to the limit. 

Tonight was also an evening of celebration. Dave Vigar celebrating his 25th birthday 😉 (happy bday from everyone at Celtic Crossfit) as well as Richard Coates celebrating a mixed terrain 10k PB using only crossfit as his training method. Suppose this Crossfit thing really does work! CONGRATS BOTH!!!!!!


A) 3x Max Effort Chin Up

B) 12min AMRAP 

5 Box Jump

10 Push Press

15 SDHP 

200m Run

Another awsome week of quality training done. Who is ready for #Saturdaysweatfest tomorrow?


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