A) 3 RM Front Squat – no belt

B) Hero WOD  

20 Min AMRAP


10 Push Press

10 Kb Swing

10 Box Jump

 The  WOD and the aftermath-

Great Sweatfest on a Thursday with Hero WOD ‘Jack’ doing what Hero WODs do. A ton of work and a test of capacity and mental resolve.

Before which we had a test of another kind- 3 RM Front Squat belt less.

Providing PR lifts and previous PR lifts for reps for many #celticwarriors including Jo.

With Owen, Maria, Tei all getting in on the action before breakfast. With too many to mention in the PM. Matt, Emma, Kris, Katie, Nicola, Lorna, Doffy and son Jo getting on the bandwagon. Great lifting by Aimee with plenty in reserve. And a welcome back to Boxhead father to far more talented young Warrior Max!

Last but not least at all Little Rob with an almost 2x BW front squat for 3!!

Another AWESOME Celtic CrossFit Day.


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