Gymnastic Focus/ Warrior Wednesday 

It’s that time of the week again… Gymnastic skills / Warrior Wednesday


                             A) Muscle up strength work 

B) Muscle up transition skills 

C) Warrior Wednesday WOD 

Pairs – 1min work : 1min rest

X 3 Rounds 


Toes to bar 

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Over Bar burpee

Another packed day at the box, with yet more significant progress made by our amazing Celtic Warriors. Today, saw us hit Muscle ups, one of the show piece movements that every Crossfiter aspires to achieve. This skill does not come easy and requires a sound foundation of strength and plenty of practice on the transition from below to above the rings. Every one of our classes managed this today, now have a clear understanding of how to build strength in order to be core successful or more efficient at this skill

Athletes that showed particular promise on the transitional phase included, Kira, Hannah, Maria, Michael, Stuart, Tracy, Georgia and Rob Hoff

We also got Rhys to string together his first ever consecutive muscle ups

Also in a very nasty workout we saw Jess get her first ever Toes 2 bar and Kira and Dave Vigar making real progress in their efficiency of this very tricky movement.

Great night again everyone!! More next week. We we will hopefully get some more of us moving to those big boy rings! 



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