A) Max Box Jump

B) ‘Grace’


C) ‘Fran’




One word best describes today…. MENTAL!!! 

Max Box Jumps, followed by two very tasty treats…Grace & Fran.

Loads of mentions again today. Deservedly top of the list is Jade Mounty, for after 18 weeks of Crossfit finally overcoming her fear of box jumps! Getting her first ever 20inch jump. Emma and Sasha also conquered fears and got first time 24inch box jumps! There were also Box jump PB’s for Aimee, Lee Bradley, Sam and as we have videos over on our FB page, Rhys, Saad and Coach Ross, that managed an impressive 52inch bound!

Next was Grace and with her came further best scores.

Matty continues to smash all previous PB’s with a 3 min grace (50 second PB), Vicky smith also achieved a PB of over a minute.

Abi and Lee both knocked a full 40 seconds off their previous bests, Zoe “The athlete” England, is not letting anything stand in her way at the moment, with a whole new hunger for her training and RX’d this workout for the first time. Finally we had Hannah and Claudia going flat out, head to head and both achieved sub 3 mins, well done girls.

Unbelievably, it didn’t stop there, despite emptying the tank and achieving PB’s on Grace. Richard Liam and Sam all emulated this feat with a further PB on Fran. These fellas know how to recover but know how to push hard too.

It was also lovely to have so many of our latest on ramp graduates back in for a session, really working on nailing their mechanics, prior to increasing intensity in their Workouts and getting an early introduction to a couple of CrossFit girls.

Awesome effort again warriors the good times continue at your box.

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