A) 3 Rounds

30 sec L Hang

2 Wall walks

16 Lateral Bounds

B) OTM 10

3 Power Clean

C) 5 Rounds

10 Burpees

30sec static hold V Sit

Some variation on the cards today to finish the week off. Great improved movement shown by all progressing consistently with Cleans. 

Great to see Nicola getting straight in to full classes following completing On Ramp last night. Awesome effort.

Also a warm Celtic CrossFit welcome to Natsha today at the box too.

Paleo June beach body challenge  

A little good find of a treat courtesy of Coach Reevesy. Bought on the Primal Kitchen website.18 bars for Β£15 and taste good too. 

How are we all measuring up towards the end of week 2?

REMEMBER- if you have not submitted your score, you can go back and submit for previous days in order to get your scores up to date. Ensuring they are measured and accountable to allow you to keep getting the best of the month. Almost halfway there- keep up the good work your body will thank you for it.


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