Warrior Wednesday WOD






A) rope climbs / pistols 

B) Pairs 

Buy in ….

1km plate carry (25/15) relay split – 200/200/100m each 

4 rounds 

12 wall walks 

20 Front Squat 70/40

60 mountain climbers 

Buy out 

100 burpee box jump overs 

All working well on pistols, rope climbs being a very new skill for many. 

Soooo many Celtic Warriors are continuing to embrace our Wednesday skills classes and are making unbelievable progress every week! 

Matty, Fern, Tracy, Sasha, Erika, Maria, Vicky Smith, Stewart, James, Sam, Liam, Max, Rhys, Saad, Luke, Tom and Bryn were just those that I can remember getting their first ever full rope climbs today. 

With Kelly Maidment, Lorna, Sarah Cutter, Chris and Becky making serious progress and getting half way up, a little more co ordination with their footwork and confidence, and they will be celebrating a full ascent next week.

The climber of the day award was sooo tough to seperate, we have shared it between two of our athletes today… First we have Bryn, that after easily mastering his rope climb technique, took this further with leg less rope climbs and even L Sit Legless Rope Climbs! Then there was you Max, who at 13 Years old not only smashed one of our most promising athletes, Sam, in the Plate carry, but also managed multiple Legless rope climbs after again mastering his J Hook technique.

Next we hit our latest Warrior Wednesday Partner Workout! 

That saw amazing Front Squat Technique from our athletes, especially, Becky Hughes, Kelly Maidment, Sarah Cutter and in class three Abby and Hannah. It’s great to see you all really thinking about the mechanics of the movement, especially when in our highly charged, competitive environment! 

I have to finish off with a mention for Luke, who epitomised the attitude and determination we want to see from our athletes by grinding through the Workout and especially the challenging Front squats, even though there were times that he looked almost ready to give up! 

Awesome Work Luke!

Better each day as a Celtic Warrior


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