Huge respect and well done to #CelticWarrior Ben Black who walked 100km with friend Charlie to raise Funds for Blind Veterans UK – A military charity that supports visually impaired veterans. You can support Ben’s with good friend Charlie’s efforts via the link Ben Black 100km charity walk Link. A genuinely lovely bloke doing good thins to help others. Top man. We hope all your hard work at the box helped to get you from start to finish.  


A) 1RM Back Squat

B) 21-15-9 Pull-ups

42-30-18 Goblet Squats


  What another awesome Monday for the Celtic Warriors- PR City once again with plenty to mention. Apologies if there’s anyone I’ve missed out post them to comments if we have

With our recent short stint of Wendler 5-3-1  proving very positive accross tonight’s numbers.

PR club tonight;

Ryan at a lighter bodyweight 2 weeks into PALEO, little Rob, Kathleen, young warrior Max again surpassing father Box Head.

Kev and Fran also joining PR Club.

Tracy and Erika getting in on the action with comfortable lifts.

Will and Matty also – with a spell of lightheadedness for 1 Direction fan Matt.

Vicky and Maria continuing on the PR trail with yet more bests.

Lee Bradley, Stu, Morgan, Saad getting in on the fun. A +15kg PR for James also for Chris. Rhys Liam and Sam showing their strength levels are jumping up along with their engines.

The 7pm ladies winning the mental battle over the Barbell with Yet more PRs for Laura with the fastest max Squat of the day. Hannah Abi and Claudia getting through mental battles to show their new bests. And Young Katie Doff yet again smashing her way to the most leisurely max of the day.



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