Saturday = PR Day @Celtic Crossfit! First we had a Busy Brutal Bootcamp! Hitting 3 tough mini workouts. Followed by the usual Saturday SweatFest mayhem


   A) By popular demand

Fovus on Split Jerk Technique 

– Build to 1RM

B) Team WOD 

0-8 mins build to 1RM OHS 

8-15 mins Max Cal Row 

15-21 mins Max Reps Clean 

21-26 mins Max reps Alternate Leg Split Jerk

There were PB’s galore in both our max load lifts including, Matty hitting PB’s in both lifts 70kg OHS and 105kg SJ, Katie Doff, not to be outdone by her parents also picking up a double PB 45kg OHS and 50kg SJ. Oh and by the way she is just 16 years old! 

Coach Ross had a Split Jerk of 110kg, just missing 120kg, Will Alston with 90kg OHS not long post injury, Abbi got 45kg OHS & 50kg SJ, which are both movements she has really battled with in the past.

Maria continues to progress with a very easy 55kg Split Jerk PB and finally big mentions to Tracy, who only a few weeks back after a long lay off, just missed her 50kg Split Jerk. This is unbelievable when you consider her pre Op PB was only 47.5kg.

Last but not least the amazing Lorna Doff, that has struggled and struggled with overhead movements due to mobility issues and was not too long ago only able to use a pipe… today not only snatching 30kg overhead with ease but Overhead Squatting it too! Hard work and the drive to succeed in that household is second to none.

(There are loads of PB’s I have no doubt missed, sorry guys there were too many! Feel free to add them in comments so that we can revel in your well earned success!)


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