First Day of the 2015 Celtic CrossFit – Paleo – Beach Body challenge

Not too late to get registered…just download the User Friendly App and register for $9.99 in our challenge and start using the easy to follow guidelines and scoring system. Become accountable to yourself, officially recording how you’re doing with your eating.

Including a points system for different foods, tracking systems, private before and after pics and measurements for you to see the change over just 1 month. With the option to buy weekly meal plans or even a 30 day meal plan for ideas to help keep you on track and your taste buds interested.

Previous challenges have seen big changes to many, transforming eating habits and performance forever after.

Remember it is not only a challenge against others but a system to help you along the way and keep track of progress with your fellow #CelticWarriors. Making the habit changes a much easier thing to do in good company with help and support than by yourself.

30 days to looking better, feeling better and performing better. Are you ready?

Beach Body Pre Test


A) Power Clean 1RM

B) ‘Jackie’

Row 1000m

50 Thrusters

30 Pull-ups

For Time

C) 2 Min MAX Burpees

Another AWESOME Monday at the box- 

Too many PRs to mention and some great targets to aim for after a month of clean eating. 

Big lifts by little Rob, Lorna,Kate, Lee, Fern, Bull, Mike, Maria, Vix, will, James, Rich, Parky, Rhys, Sam,Liam, Ben to mention just a few. 

With many more good scores on Jackie and some good numbers on the Burpee test.

Great grit and determination showed by all in a busy bustling record beating box!

AWESOME JOB #celticwarriors


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