Member of the month May

Lee Bradley

Lee has been chosen as a result of his diligence and hard work to improve skills and techniques he has found challenging since beginning his Celtic CrossFit Journey. This allowing him to progress with his gymnastic skills and Olympic Weightlifting movements, we have seen a vast improvement in what he can do physically. With his unassuming demeanour to just get on with the hard work, allowing the focus on doing things correctly to pay him back no end.

His passion for CrossFit eventually wearing off/down his wife Emma outside of the box at home. Having recently being persuaded to comple her On Ramp, to which she has also thrown herself into full throttle. From WOD #1 where she was 1st out the door for the run, to getting straight into classes and their challenges straight after. So the enthusiasm has now become a household trait.

Well done Lee, we look forward to both your continued progression and hard work but also that same approach already showed by Emma.
A Quick Q & A with Lee to introduce himself fully to our community…

Age? 35


Operations Engineer


Don’t really have one, a few people call me Bradders.

How long have you been doing Crossfit? 

13 months. Completed my on ramp in April 2014.

What is your best achievement within Crossfit? 

Kipping and butterfly pull ups (although there is still a lot of room for improvement). Kipping handstand press ups.

Movements/workouts you enjoy? Wall balls, box jumps, rowing, cleans and snatch. Does anyone “enjoy” the workouts. I enjoy them all when they’re finished!
Movements or workouts you don’t enjoy?

Running, wall walks and burpees
What are your Crossfit goals for the future?

To be able to finish a workout with double unders, instead of singles. Muscle ups is definitely something I would like to achieve.
Describe Celtic Crossfit in 1 sentence?

A great community that helps you push yourself to your limit to achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

A random fact about yourself? During a road trip across Western Europe, I completed a lap around the Nürburgring Race track in Nürburg, Germany on my motorbike. It’s not much, but it’s one off the bucket list!

Thank You Lee- our Member of the month for May..


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