Warrior Wednesday 


Today saw the start of an added focus during Warrior Wednesday- Gymnastics.

We have long stressed the importance of gymnastic skills not just within CrossFit but for life in general (Think back to your ON RAMP and reason for squatting correctly).

Mastery of the bodyweight allowing access to a much improved and effective general work capacity (what you can do with your body). From improved stability and mobility for lifelong health and absence of injury. But also sound basic skill with your bodyweight opening the pathway to a much higher level of skill and capability in the more complex and challenging skills Crossfit can demand, with your body but also the Barbell.

Remember errors in any simple movement, however small will become magnified once under fatigue or load or higher level of complexity. Which is exactly where our training puts you in order to get the best out of you.

Don’t accept little things being wrong with your movement. It will catch up with you and become a frustration unless you work to iron it out of your own technique. Getting a movement done is the initial challenge. Getting it better and towards perfection is another much more rewarding accomplishment, both for your own satisfaction but also your own physical development.

Practice doesn’t make perfect- Practice makes permanent

**Perfect Practice makes Perfect** 

Just practicing better movement must be reinforced during Workouts. If progressions and strength work is used to improve technique prior to your Workout, only for it all to be dismissed returning to old sloppy form your personal errors will remain and you will short change your own efforts. 


In this Order ALWAYS. 

Your body will thank you for it and so will your scores on gymnastics, on the Barbell and for WODs.

Results or Excuses…Not Both

Warrior Wednesday WOD



 A) Pull-ups

B) Teams of 3 Max reps 

0-6 mins Max snatches 

*1 team member hold hand stand

6-12 burpees over bar 

*1 team member plank

12-18 row 

*1 team member holding KB

18-24 goblet squats 

*1 team member hang from bar

24-30 KB swings 

*1 team member held off floor


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