We deload to prevent overtraining related problems.  A big thing to consider here is that it’s best not to wait until signs of overtraining arise before scheduling a deload.  However, if you are getting those signs (sore joints/tendons, plateaus, exhaustion, mental fatigue) you should surely deload.  The big thing to know here, and if you’ve read Wendler’s ebook you’ll remember this, deloading will not cost you strength.  You know what costs you strength?  Overtraining, injuries, loss of desire/intensity, lack of recovery.
You will be training withfo us in improvement as always but…

Use the week to continue to train dial back intensity a little and place some extra attention to your form on every single rep of every movement over the week.

Then be ready fresh and recovered to go again through the next cycle for the next month that little bit better getting that little bit stronger.


Week #4 Deload Week

A) Deadlift

5@ 60%

5@ 65%

5@ 70%

B) 21-15-9





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