Kelly Aherne

Congratulations to our February Member of the Month, Miss Kelly Aherne.

Kelly has been an athlete at Celtic CrossFit for 2 years or so and in this time, the coaching team has noticed a massive improvement in Kels movement, range of motion and skill base.

I am sure Kelly won’t mind me saying that in the first few months when a gymnastics based WoD was announced, a little squint of her eyes was apparent; but with all the enthusiasm and commitment she has shown over the past 2 years, her application of gymnastics has come on in leaps and bounds (total pun intended).

Kelly is always there to support her follow athletes and adopts that #celticwarrior spirit in her own workouts. An unassuming character, with a subtle sense of humour, during a recent warm up run, Kelly had me in stitches with our own way to fix the NHS.

Member of the Month will always be a difficult choice, as all our athletes make constant improvements in various aspects of their training, but to watch an athlete go from a distinct frustration of pull ups, to stringing kips together, with never so much as a grumble or scream, shows that Kelly’s approach to Crossfit is committed, focused, with a never say can’t attitude.

However!! I cannot say the same about Kelly’s ability to ski!!
As some of you may have noticed, she is currently in a knee brace due to a recent alpine incident. Although Kelly tells me she was stood still and a snow boarder ‘took her out…..hmmmm.

Also nice to welcome her other half Paul to the box who seconds her skiing accident story about the snow boarder?! Joking aside we wish Kelly a speedy recovery from her knee injury.

The good news is that, as with all our members, Kelly sees Celtic CrossFit as more than her training venue and has said she will be about for the Open to support her follow athletes. This epitomises Kelly and her supportive encouraging approach and a Fully deserved Member of the Month!!

Member of the month Q&A

How long have you been doing Crossfit?

2 years

What is your best achievement within Crossfit?

‘got to be getting that first kipping pull up, took about a year and a half’

Movements/workouts you enjoy?

Love barbell related workouts (especially C&J) and surprisingly burpees

Movements or workouts you don’t enjoy?

Not the best runner or gymnast, but I love a challenge, I’m trying to improve in these areas constantly

What are your Crossfit goals for the future?

Once the knee is better I would like to master double unders and pistols, but we will see..meanwhile I am going to use Crossfit as a part of my rehab. When recovered I just want to keep learning new skills and keep challening my body

The Unknown?

I am totally addicted to Vaseline/lip balm, so much so that if I go anywhere without it I have to buy one! Another addiction is peanut butter. My most embarrassing is when I was 14, my mum pulled me out of school to meet my childhood heroes……. Boyzone!

There you have it Celtic Warriors, your Member of the Month for February, Kelly Aherne..


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