The CrossFit Open 2015
Tomorrow sees the start of a whole new month February, which Brings with it the start of the most fun and EPIC time of year…

…THE REEBOK CROSSFIT OPEN and the search for the fittest people on EARTH.

Get involved in the only local Affiliated CrossFit Gym and be part of this worldwide competition.

This year will see the 2nd Affiliate Cup. Which team of Celtic Warriors will be top of the box by the end of March?

All members will be part of an affiliate Team to challenge for the title, with double points to those registered for the CROSSFIT OPEN.

Last year was great fun and an awesome experience in the Box, pushing many beyond their own expectations.

There may well be a post-Open Social event with. Social organisers Simon Geeves and Kelly Maidment searching tirelessly for the best Venue as we speak.

Another sweaty Saturday morning with Celtic Bootcamp and our Saturday morning SweatFest hit the road running.

A) in pairs 20 min AMRAP 1:1
4 HPC (60/40)
2 widths bear crawl
2 widths burpee long jump
50m sprint

B) 10 min AMRAP 1:1
5 burpee
10 air squats
15 sit ups

New month Tomorrow

All Memberships due


**Please ensure your membership is paid before you turn up, or on arrival to your 1st class to ensure we do not have to turn you away.
Cashless = WODless


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