A simple video courtesy of CrossFit.com on the basics of the deadlift. We all know efficiency is king of all movement and the Deadlift is part if tomorrow’s ICON Nutrition Online Championships that start tomorrow. Running as the class WODs on Friday’s for the next 4 weeks.

If not signed up yet the competition is free to register and a good fun perpetration before the CrossFit Open 2015 kicks off and the  Celtic CrossFit Affiliate Cup 2015, where only 1 team will become Box Champions. GET INVOLVED



A) 5 Rounds


Max Pull-up

B) 10 MIN AMRAP Ladder

3-6-9-12…and climbing

Power Clean


C) 100 Plate twist

Are due to Doffy Junior Katie who has bagged herself an A* early in her GCSE Maths. Well done young Warrior.

Also congratulations to Maria Smashing out Kipping pull-ups already and lots of good progress all around by many others in HSPU and Pull-ups.


This Saturday:

Special 4th Anniversary WOD @10am

Celtic Bootcamp open to members and non members @9am



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