Warrior Wednesday
Today saw the first of our competition season preperation Wednesday Warrior workouts where we will be re visiting previous CrossFit Games Open Workouts in the run up to the 2015 CrossFit Open.

Where a fun filled box welcomed in round 1. An amazing effort and atmosphere by our Celtic Warriors, having another attack at previous OPEN WODs, seeing how far you have all come and learning how to attack the workouts should similar WODs appear this year. (Which judging by previous years they will)


Warrior Wednesday WOD
A) OTM Hang Snatch

B) Open WOD 11.4

60 bar facing burpees
30 OHS
10 MU

4 yr Anniversary WOD
Saturday sees the 4th anniversary for our very 1st official Session as an official CrossFit Affiliate, one of the 1st 6 in Wales and first 40 in the UK back in 2011. Opening the same time as 4 other fellow Welsh Affiliates.

What a journey it has been so far and the coming year promises to be our BIGGEST and BEST yet.

We have come so far as an affiliate from a class run out of a school gymnasium. We have seen amazing developments by all involved from then to now, Coaches and athletes alike. Things being very different and far more effective and efficient as a result providing results to all from day 1 to day 1460 making people better daily. A progression we plan to continue long into the future.

You our Celtic Warriors as athletes have developed capabilities way beyond any previous accomplishments. With complete transformations displayed by many physically and mentally. The result being many lives changed young and old. One of the many things we are very proud of and that is you our Celtic Warriors.

A result of the effort and dedication shown by you all, the faith you show in the box and what it can do for you. All you have to do is show up and be ready to put in the work.

The hardest part which was stepping through the door for the very 1st time now a distant memory for many, the first step on a journey to a better version of you than ever before.

Leave your ego at the door and get results of excuses…Not both
Celtic CrossFit making people better since 2011

Celtic Bootcamp starts this Saturday 10.1.15
Saturday sees the start of our NEW Bootcamp Class @ 9.00am
The class is open to Members and non-members alike ;
Free to Members
£5 drop in to non-members

Where our experienced co-head coach Carter will run a fun effective Bootcamp session with a Celtic Warrior dose of fun and spirit.


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