Welcome Back “Geezer”

Great to see yet another familiar face rejoining us at Celtic Crossfit! You have been missed Crispy!

2015 Goals
Another Busy night at the box, with our athletes really showing the drive and determination it’s going to take to reach their Personal Strength, health and fitness Goals set for 2015. The Goals board will soon be added to the box, with 3 month, 6 month and 12 month targets to be set! Let’s start raising our aspirations and not settle for just getting fitter, let’s be the fittest, fastest and strongest we can be!

A) Coach Sim’s Special Warm Up

B) 3×10 Front Squat


C) 90sec on 90sec off
4 Thrusters (50/30kg)
8 Pull ups




WELCOME to our January On Rampers
A fab first session from the newest members of our community, a great bunch of people who will fit into our Crossfit family nicely! no doubt there will be a few sore legs tomorrow! Make sure you get some active recovery in, so your raring to go again in Session 2 on Thursday!

A change to Warrior Wednesday

In preparation for the 2015 Open and Affiliate Cup we are changing Warrior Wednesdays to …….
“Open WOD Wednesdays” for the next few weeks. In these sessions we will be re visiting some of the most gruelling Open qualifying Workouts from the last few years, looking at tactics and how best to approach them if something similar presents itself this coming February!
As always there will be varying levels of the workout, scaled to suit every individual athlete!
The first one starts tomorrow….
Look forward to seeing you all there!!


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