Weekend Warrior, Saturday SweatFest

A) Establish 1rm Thruster
B) In Pairs….
1km row (250m intervals)
60 Thrustsrs (40/20)
20 wall walks
50 burpees
40 Thrusters (50/30)
16 wall walks
1km Row (250m intervals)
30 Thrusters (60/35)
12 wall walks
50 burpees
20 Thruster (70/40)
8 wall walks


Don’t forget to sign up to the Icon Nutrition online Challenge, it will be a bit of fun and a good motivator to re focus your training after Christmas and the new year! We will be doing all Workouts in class every Friday and best of all Its FREE!


Also our Celtic Bootcamp starts next Saturday 10th January! 9-10am no On Ramp or membership required, just pay per session! This is a perfect way to begin your health and fitness journey! No heavy weight, just metcon based, high intensity, functional movement! The perfect way to lose any excess weight, firm and tone all areas of your body, improve your fitness levels and enjoy all of the health benefits that accompany this! With the added bonus of meeting some amazing people at the same time!

This does mean our Saturday Crossfit class will now move to 10-11am with No more Saturday Open Gym!
Spread the word guys!!!


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