Motivational consequences
Just to keep you guys on your toes and ensure you keep making the box the awesome place it has grown to become. The box rules are all in play with full effect, with a team effort by all needed to ensure this happens.

Your box is a special place to train and get better. Over the years we have had many comments on how good the community is too many times to mention by visitors from far and wide.

And another thing to help keep our box as it should be is the fact that we will post more close up pictures of coach Reeves if the standards are not upheld by all….And no one wants to see that especially close to meal times!

Celtic Christmas Countdown
This Saturday sees the annual Celtic Christmas Shindig. Newly appointed stand in social secretary Kelly Maidment due to Simon Geeves ( remember him?) being no longer able to deal with such a high pressure role, will be keeping you all up to date with details.

But it is pretty simple
Cardiff- beers – Celtic Warriors
(Tweet Kelly for up to date info on the hour every hour)

A) 3 RM Hang Snatch

B) 3 x 6 Back Squat

3 x Max Pullups

15 Thrusters
15 over bar burpee
15 chest 2 bar pull-ups


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