Everybody’s favourite girl made an appearance this evening and was truly enjoyed by all on day 2 of our testing along with the meathead favourite the bench press. Above is The original Fire breather Greg Amundsen training at the original CrossFit box in Santa Cruz and one of the first CrossFit video’s and most AWESOME I saw and a big reason for the life changing experiences that CrossFit has allowed. This was a long time before Froning ruled and the CrossFit games were broadcast live around the world.

A very useful video above to take note of the important cues for the thruster and accompanying movements from the CF Seminar Staff. Efficiency  is king remember and we want to use every ounce of our energy in the correct way. Therefore completing the movements as close to perfect as we can, with any variation from this leaking force and energy away from completing the required task. Which may mean you could make Fran Suck just a little less. Bad technique or small errors in movement will only be magnified under load or fatigue. And we all know Fran loves to create a bit of fatigue in the most beautiful rep scheme of all.


A) Bench Press 1 RM

B) ‘Fran’









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