Extra training Focus anyone?

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8 week challenge that we are keen to run at the box, we as coaches will take part in the extended life habit game, where members and non-members alike can join our Celtic CrossFit team. This in a worldwide challenge looking to take your efforts in the gym and combine them with simple alterations outside the box to take your training and physical development/transformations to the next level. Or to create 8 weeks of renewed focus to your Health and Fitness, enhancing your gains further.

There are different levels of play according to how strict you want to be with your diet or how familiar you are with diet/lifestyle alterations. It also takes into account many other factors to help you change your daily habits and make an even better you. As part of an online game and community you stay accountable interact and track progress daily.

full details can be found via the website Whole life challenge 

Who is keen to transform themselves in 8 weeks?


A) 3 Rounds

12 Bench Press

12 KB Lunges

12 Bent Over Row

B) 3 Rounds

200m Run

10 Power Clean

15 V up

200m Run

10 Front Squat

15 Pullup


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