I know some of you are familiar with Barbell shrugged but if not it is well worth a watch/listen if you are at all interested in why certain things are the way they are or general information about training crossfit and similar things, with plenty of great content and a variety of perspectives weekly.

Above John Welbourn of Power athlete HQ and the founder of  CrossFit Football and 10 year NFL veteran who has a wealth of knowledge from first hand experience of a lifetime of strength training and developing physical performance. The first section is well worth a watch explaining briefly why strength development needs to be different according to individual development and why the same thing is not applicable to all. With many points featured we constantly try to get across to you guys when explaining our tiered structure of programming which for exactly this reason, to suit the varying abilities we have at the box to allow each and everyone of you to progress and get better.  The points on jumping from programme to programme and the ‘secret squirrel programming’ that is oh so common and echoes many a conversation we have had over the years with many individuals. Be wary of internet information and imitation without true understanding.

There are no shortcuts, consistency is key and all aspects of what we do at the box is part of a bigger picture and a process of improving over a prolonged period of time for you to get better.


A) Front Squat



12 Plate GTOH

9 Box Jump

6 Burpee

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