Above a truly troubling image circulating on social media (which is quite ironic), but a truly troubling depiction of modern childhood and in fact many modern adult lives. The obesity epidemic is well and truly a massive problem for society today. The image above depicts what has become many childrens daily lives and the consequences are far reaching and frightening.

With many adults normal lives becoming of a sedentary nature on a daily basis. The fact that so many children no longer play outside and develop and use their bodies as nature intended; running, jumping, throwing, chasing, climbing and being physically active. More commonly spending hours a day excecising their eyeballs and thumbs only and missing those countless hours spent developing physical skills they were intended to have. Instead living their lives in a virtual world detached from reality taking years off their lives as habits developed in childhood last a lifetime and the upward spiral of obesity going nowhere in a hurry as a result of this. This is evident on every street and every school across the country and many countries around the world.


However there is a community of people who have decided that this trend in society is no longer an option, a community where wellness, health and in fact fitness is of the upmost importance and a core value of why we do what we do. this it is changing concepts and ideas of how things should be done all over the world. Where bodies are moved, work is done and improvements are made each and every day. You decide how your body changes in the future you decide where you take your physical abilities, this is why you are a part of something bigger than our box and are a part of the worldwide CrossFit community.

You have decided that health, wellness and fitness is a priority and you get better each day, each week, each month and year you turn up, work hard and be better than yesterday.

A Saturday Partner Sweatfest

0-14 mins OB burpees
partner dead hang

15-24 mins MAX output Back Squat

25-35 1:1
Front Rack Lunge 200m run

38 mins +
Double Fran


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