A) 10 rounds
3 Front Squat
4 explosive jumps

B) 4 Rounds
1:1 with partner
20 OH Lunge
15 V ups
Run 200m

Home Time…

An emotional evening for our 7 o clock crew this evening with a so long but not good bye. As it was Jevon’s last WOD on his way to moving home permanently to Cambridge with his family. Sad as always when a Celtic Warrior moves on especially when they are as warm a character as is Jev, a really genuine bloody nice guy!

After 2 years with us whilst he has worked Mon-thurs always getting a WOD done before heading home each week, he was true to form and got a WOD in whilst moving home with a car full of belongings…

However he has promised to pop in on his way to ‘meetings’ for his newest job also in Wales. Maybe not such a constant but hopefully once in a while.

Good luck Jevon from all at Celtic CrossFit remember once a warrior always a warrior


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