Well what a games that was. The 2014 Reebok CrossFit games was the best yet as the competition goes up a big step each time. Displaying the ever advancing limits of human capabilities, with performances by the men, women, teams and masters truly awe inspiring. The standard of competition has come a long way in a very short time. How high will that level get, we shall see, as the feats of strength, endurance and physical capacity are truly astounding by the athletes and the profile of the relatively new Sport of Fitness is ever growing, going from strength to strength. It has come a long way since the small competition for the online community of followers on the Castro Ranch in Aromas and it keeps on getting better, as do the athletes, as does the rapidly expanding  worldwide community. 

Since starting Celtic CrossFit in 2010 there were only 2 boxes in Wales and 30 in the UK, with 2000 worldwide. There are too many to count here in the UK and the number just recently having reached 10,000 boxes worldwide. There are tremendous athletes on show from around the globe and coverage of the CrossFit Games is on mainstream sports channels such as ESPN.

Can you still doubt the validity of crossfit- watch the events, watch the athletes on show, watch what they can do, this speakers volumes. Far more than the naysayers who have very limited understanding of what they doubt, could ever quote or reference. As does what each and every one of you at our box does day in day out. What could you do with your body before crossfit? What can you do now?  The continual development of you all is what makes us most proud of our box and the awesome community that is forever growing, the hard work, the sacrifice that allows the little victories to become huge triumphs in individual performance what makes this place and this community so special. For that we thank you and look forward to the future and all it brings. 

Following the excitement of the weekend we have a week of fun ahead with ‘Games Week’ at the box


WOD 2) 40 Pull-ups

4 Overhead Squats

WOD 3) Double Grace

60 Clean and Jerk



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